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About Us

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Mission Statement
Boulder-White Clouds Council (BWCC) was formed in 1989 to protect, enhance and defend Idaho's wild lands and wildlife, and to pass onto succeeding generations a quality natural environment.


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About Us & The Place

We have worked to bring permanent protection for the 500,000 acre Boulder-White Cloud Mountains by securing designation with the National Wilderness Preservation System. The Boulder-White Clouds are the largest, unprotected roadless area left on Forest Service lands outside of Alaska.

The White Cloud Peaks and Boulder Mountains lie in the upper Salmon River country of central Idaho. The adjoining Pioneer Mountains, parts of the Sawtooth Mountains (including the Sawtooth Completion), Smoky Mountains, Salmon River Mountains, and areas on the Boise and Payette National Forests, together contain another one-million acres, which BWCC and other conservation and sportsmens’ groups support for Wilderness.

Within these mountain ranges, and their streams, rivers and lakes, we focus on protecting and improving natural values, wildlife, and wildlife habitat, and quiet recreation opportunities. We organize hikes and field trips, media tours, and have a network of volunteers throughout central and southern Idaho who help monitor and respond to actions or threats to this wild country. We also work for peace and quiet on Idaho's lands and waters. We call this "Protecting the hush of the land" -- where humans can hear nature, rather than engines.

BWCC has also done extensive mining work on three immense open pit mines, and on smaller projects and explorations. We have monitored mining activity, publicized problems to the environment, and when necessary, litigated. BWCC works with local, regional and national groups to reform the 1872 Mining Law.

More About Us
By choice, we are a lean, small, front line organization, supported by individuals, families and foundations. For every dollar BWCC receives, we triple that amount through volunteers and pro bono services.

By choice, we are not a membership group, but maintain contact with people who use and care for the wild White Clouds through our mailing list, web site, e-mail, newsletters, telephone, outings, events, and chance meetings in Idaho’s back country and Idaho towns.

Our mission includes providing accurate information on many issues to our supporters, the public at large, media, elected officials, and other conservation organizations in Idaho, the northern Rockies, the Northwest, and nationally, including Washington, D.C.

Our on-the-ground knowledge and day-to-day presence is unsurpassed in the White Cloud and Sawtooth Mountain region. ("If a pine cone drops, we hear it" scenario.)

Please e-mail or write if you would like to receive our newsletter, outings schedule, ALERTS, or be added to our e-mail list. We make an effort to NOT deluge our supporters with requests for comments on issues, but when you hear from us -- it’s IMPORTANT and we need your help.

Privacy Policy
We do not give out our supporter list to any other entity. At times, on important issues, we merge (to avoid duplicate mailings) our list with other groups. For example, in the past few years, we have joined with other Idaho conservation organizations on mailings on salmon recovery, roadless forests, and the Sawtooth Forest Plan revision.

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