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  Toolbox Trail Work Days (Boulder Mountains)
Toolbox Trail

We have worked on this trail various years including 1998 with Lost River Ranger District’s Bart Gamett, BWCC’s Brad Blum and volunteers.

One goal: construct a log fence to prevent vehicles from driving and camping on wet areas of lower Toolbox Creek. The fence was built and blended well with the canyon’s scenery, but alas, the next year, hundreds of cattle from the Wildhorse grazing allotment used the fence for rubbing posts and broke it down.

We also tried to deter illegal ATV use on this trail by using dead trees and limbs where these four-wheelers cross country to avoid narrow, single track trail sections. Some ruts from ATVs were a foot-deep through bogs, springs and stream banks. ATVs still try to ride this route.

We also cleaned fire rings and picked up litter at Toolbox and other canyon sites.

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