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Lake Creek
(eastern Boulder Mountain sagebrush steppe)

June 30, 1999Lake Creek

This splendid day brought an unhurried hike at wildflower peak, amid the sagebrush steppe.

Wildflower specialists Bill McDorman, High Altitude Gardens, and Carol Blackburn, pointed out over 40 species of blossoms.

Shallow, marshy Lake Creek Lake (an easy mile off Trail Creek road), is home to ducks and geese, an oasis in this arid country.

Paths lead to ridges with views to the Pioneers and nearby Twin Bridges canyon. The flower, Bitterroot (lewisia rediviva), also called rock rose, was in full splendor -- its pink and white petals coloring dry hillsides. Also, nearly everywhere beneath our feet, were evening primroses -- though these white and pink were blooming in daylight.

We were fortunate to visit Lake Creek and see so many flowers. Unfortunately, every other year, the drainage is heavily grazed by Wildhorse Allotment cattle, and the lake and springs have the look and smell of a feedlot. BWCC is working to change this.

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