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Hunter Creek Summit-East Pass Overlook
(Boulder Mountains)

July 17, 1999Hunter Creek Summit-East Pass Creek Canyon

This was a National Trails Day hike (an annual event of the American Hiking Society) with 19 people, including special guest, Carol Eckert, District Ranger, Lost River District, Mackay.

The Hunter Creek trailhead is 12 miles up the North Fork Big Lost River canyon with its magnificent view of Ryan Peak and Kent Peak.

Hunter Creek trail crosses the stream several times -- uneventful on this mid-summer trek.

A pack trail from Hunter Creek Summit, 9,400’, leads toward Middle Canyon - and it’s along this ridge where the views are stunning: wild East Pass canyon, green elk pastures on Pass Peak, rugged Bowery Peak, and jutting Castle Peak.

Carol explained how white bark pine and Clark’s nutcracker, a common, colorful (and noisy) mountain bird, depend on one another.

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