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Horton Peak - Tribute to Wolves
(Valley Road, Western White Cloud Foothills)
July 15, 2001


There are 6 photos in the slideshow at right. Download times vary from 2-3 seconds for high-speed connections, and 2-3 minutes for dial-up. Enjoy the whole show (which will load and play automatically) OR use the quick links at right to view and print individual slides (just use the BACK button on your web browser to return to this page when you are done with each slide).

Horton Peak Wolf Tribute

*Slide 1: Sheep in Aspen Trees
*Slide 2
: Horton Peak
*Slide 3
: Thoughts on Wolves
*Slide 4
: Idaho Wolf Country
*Slide 5
: Wolf Tribute at Horton Peak
*Slide 6
: Sign Near Horton Peak

BWCC and other conservation groups, hosted this event at Horton Peak in the Sawtooth Valley.

Here, two weeks earlier, two wolves from the Whitehawk Pack had been shot by government officials, after wolves and sheep had several deadly encounters. We discussed the on-going problem of having sheep move, every summer, into the wolves’ year round territory.

Along the Horton Peak trail, we hiked past the granite outcrops and large Doug fir trees where the sheep had been bedded down, and where the wolves attacked. As thunder clouds approached, and rain fell over Alturas Lake to the west, people read from Aldo Leopold, quoted Scripture, and expressed their thoughts on wolves in Central Idaho.

Some of the group went on to Horton Peak Lookout under threatening skis, while the rest of us were content to have lunch among the sage, and look out across some of the finest wolf habitat in the west.

This outing was written up in the Twin Falls Times-News and Defenders of Wildlife Magazine (Fall 2001).

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