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Bull Moose Creek-Grand Mogul-Redfish Lake


There are 12 photos in the slideshow at right. Download times vary from 2-3 seconds for high-speed connections, and 2-3 minutes for dial-up. Enjoy the whole show (which will load and play automatically) OR use the quick links at right to view and print individual slides (just use the BACK button on your web browser to return to this page when you are done with each slide).

Bull Moose Creek-Grand Mogul-Redfish Lake

*Slide 1: Bull Moose Fen
*Slide 2
: Indian Paintbrush
*Slide 3
: Spike Rush
*Slide 4
: Redfish Ridge Junction
*Slide 5
: Ceanothus
*Slide 6
: Which Way Don?
*Slide 7
: Redfish Lake
*Slide 8
: Grand Mogul Trail
*Slide 9
: White-Veined Pyrola
*Slide 10
: Redfish Lake Inlet
*Slide 11
: Redfish Lake Inlet Boat Dock
*Slide 12
: Leaving Redfish Canyon

On a foggy June morning, Boise Botanist Michael Mancuso, led us among rare plants in Bull Moose fen (peat bog) in the Sawtooth Valley's Decker Flat.

The sun broke out as we hiked the Redfish Ridge trail, to Redfish Lake's splendid Grand Mogul path.

We strolled amid ferns, moss, white veined Pyrola, huckleberries, giant firs and over damp boardwalks. Redfish Lake Creek was roaring as we crossed its bridge to meet the shuttle boat to the lodge.

In 2003, Michael has agreed to return so we can explore more of this unique area next to the Sawtooth Wilderness.

In the past, motorcycles riders have advocated developing a motorized route on the lake's southeast side. We support keeping Grand Mogul a quiet place.

For more information, email us.

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