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BWCC Summer Outings Birds of the Sawtooth Mountains
Birds of the Sawtooth Mountains

Ellen Glaccum and Bob Bartlett look at osprey nests in the trees on Redfish Lake's east ridge..

Birders along Pettit Lake trail.

Ellen and Beth in the lush forest above Pettit Lake.



July 28, 2006

We hosted this birding trip with Beth Waterbury, IDFG non-game biologist from Salmon.

Our first stop was at Redfish Lake to view the osprey colony. Of 12 nests on the lake's eastern moraine, six were active.

Then we drove to Pettit Lake and hiked to the inlet area.

We were looking for a peregrine falcon arie on the granite cliffs, but did not find it. Beth went back two weeks later and farther up Pettit Lake canyon, spotted one adult and two fledglings. It's rare to have peregrines nesting in the Sawtooths. Another pair are on Grand Mogul. We had a wonderful day and sighted many other bird species, too. We especially enjoyed the cool, lush forest above Pettit Lake.

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