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How You Can Help

Wilderness: Land of Many Users       The White Clouds are used and enjoyed by all kinds of people. Its many access points welcome old and young, families and solitary explorers. Walkers, wildflower and wildlife viewers, backpackers, anglers, horseman, hunters, outfitters, rockhounds, scouts, skiers, climbers, history buffs—all will remain in Wilderness, as will ranchers and traditional hunter-gatherers. Wilderness will not allow logging, new mining claims, new roads, motorized or mechanized use.

Visit the Boulder-White Clouds, enjoy the beauty, and gain first-hand experience with its wildlife and wild places. Share your knowledge with family, friends and others. Participate in land use actions which affect the Boulders and White Clouds (see Current Issues on this website). Since it takes an act of Congress to gain permanent protection within the National Wilderness System, please write or speak to Idaho’s elected leaders on why wilderness is important to you.


Wilderness is Good Business
Idaho’s quality of life, which fuels its entire economy, depends on places like the White Clouds. More than 200 local businesses have endorsed Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness, as well as central Idaho’s largest Chamber of Commerce.

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For Those Who Come

A wild White Clouds is not just for us,
but for all who will follow us. Ours is
the choice: to secure now, or lose forever,
this haven and heritage

   Hiking on Washington Basin-Champion Lakes Ridge

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