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Current News & Issues: Livestock Grazing


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Spring 2003
Sawtooth National Recreation Area,
Sawtooth National Forest
Source: Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) - “January-February-March 2003 Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions for the Sawtooth National Forest”.
SNRA Address: HC 64
Box 8291, Ketchum, ID  83340   Phone 208-727-5000   
Web Site:


Revision for Upper and Lower East Fork Salmon River Cattle Allotments

New allotment plans are being prepared and 10-year grazing permits authorizing cattle grazing will be reissued. The two allotments lie entirely within the Boulder-White Cloud Mountains and include Railroad Ridge, Frog Lake, Sullivan Lake, Little and Big Boulder Creeks, Germania Creek, Bowery Creek, West Fork and South Fork of the East Fork Salmon. Public scoping is complete and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is underway. EIS release is expected later this year (2003). SEE BELOW

SNRA Contact: Seth Phalen, Stanley Ranger Station, 208-774-3000.

This is a critical decision for the Boulder-White Cloud Mountains and will affect streams, fish, wildlife and recreationists as well as four ranchers who run cattle on the two allotments. We expect the EIS to choose an alternative that reduces cattle numbers and/or season of grazing use. We have documented overgrazing on these allotments for years, overuse which violates the Sawtooth Forest Plan and the Endangered Species Act. Fish impacted by cattle include Chinook salmon, steelhead, bull trout and West slope cutthroat. Conflicts between cattle use and recreationists are a problem, too. The SNRA has upgraded this controversial decision to an EIS. There will opportunity for public comment once the draft EIS is released later in 2003.


Update March 2003: The SNRA has released its draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Lower and Upper East Fork Allotment revision. There are three alternatives: continue current use, reduce use, and no grazing. The document is available on line at Hard copies can be obtained at the SNRA headquarters north of Ketchum, or Stanley Ranger Station.

We support Alternative 3, which phases out grazing. A no-grazing plan is by far the best solution to stopping cattle degradation of streams, creeks, springs, lakes and uplands in the Boulder-White Clouds. Also, to ending constant conflicts between cattle and recreationists. Public comments to the Sawtooth Forest are due on the proposed action by May 30th, 2003.

Update 2004: LOOK AT the final East Fork Salmon River grazing decision.

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