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  • Alliance for America
    Web Site:

    "We are the true Conservationists". The Alliance is made of extractive industry businesses and groups including motorized recreation.

  • Blue Ribbon Coalition
    Web Site:
    Idaho Falls, ID

    The group claims to represent over 1,100 organization and businesses with approximately 600,000 members.

    The Blue Ribbon’s Web Site states: "We've united to defend access for motorized recreation nationwide."

    "Loggers, miners, and cattlemen work with us to share and preserve our precious natural heritage. We campaign to replace "user conflict" with "user cooperation". All recreationists must learn to share trails and facilities. All must learn acceptance and good manners."

    The Blue Ribbon’s site then goes on to say: "To see what our opponents are saying, see the links below:" "Below" includes a listing for the Wilderness Society’s Web Site for which the Blue Ribbon Coalition comments: "[Re.] The Wilderness Society's home page, this stuff is beyond belief, real live adults are buying into this crap."

    For the Sierra Club, BRC has this comment: "Sierra Club's Wildlands Project, possibly the most dangerous thing the GAGS [Green Activist Groups] have going."

    The Blue Ribbon Coalition is advocating a "Back Country" designation for public lands, rather than Wilderness. Their Web Site states: "Back Country would allow responsible use of mtn bikes, trail bikes, SUV's, snowmobiles, and other mechanized and motorized means that the vast majority of Americans already have, can afford, and desire to use, while Wilderness allows only hiking or equestrian use....."

  • Central anti-Wolf Coalition, Inc.
    Web Site:
    Box 69
    Stanley ID 83278

    Formed in 2000, the anti-Central Idaho Wolf Coalition's "sole objective is the immediate removal of the Canadian gray wolf from Central Idaho". Chairman is Stanley resident, Ron Gillette, who formerly owned Triangle C Ranch Whitewater Float Expedition, a rafting company on the Salmon River. In 2001, Gillette helped convince the Idaho Legislature to pass a resolution to remove gray wolves from Idaho by "any means possible".

    Some of Gillette’s quotes include telling the Idaho Legislature in February 2001, that federal officials and environmentalists who supported the wolves were "criminals and liars". He said, "We don’t want one wolf in Idaho unless it’s in the zoo." (The Idaho Statesman, Feb. 1, 2001 "Coalition vows to drive all wolves out of Idaho"). In May 2002, he told the Times-News in Twin Falls that some wolf supporters are "kooks who want to hear wolf howls. Let them buy a tape." On June 14 2000, Gillette told the Idaho Mountain Express in Ketchum, Idaho, that "The wolves are going to go, we’re not going to compromise with wolf advocates."

  • Idaho Farm Bureau
    Web Site:
    275 Tierra Vista Drive
    Pocatello ID 83201 (shipping) or
    PO Box 4848
    Pocatello ID 83205-4848 (mailing)

    In 2001, the Idaho Farm Bureau helped convince the Idaho legislature to pass a resolution to remove all gray wolves from Idaho by any means possible.

    Here’s a sampling of 2003 Idaho Farm Bureau policy:
    81. Wolves: "We strongly support removing introduced wolves and offspring from Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, by utilizing all effective and practical available control methods."

    80. Natural Resources - Endangered Species: "We support revision of the Endangered Species Act so that the preservation of agriculture practices, mining and timber is a priority. Threatened or endangered species shall be given no priority over other uses and/or rights." The policy goes on to say "we support delisting the wolf with the intent of opening a permit hunt on wolves".

    84. Fish and Game – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Responsibility. The Idaho Fish & Game Department should not engage in activities that encourage only non-consumptive uses of Fish & wildlife species in Idaho.

    110. Wilderness - "We oppose wholesale dedication of land in Idaho to the wilderness and roadless areas, and support the release of lands currently held in wilderness study areas back to multiple use management."

    143. Animals Rights - "We oppose the concept that animals have rights..."

  • Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife
    Web Site:

    SFW claims to be fighting to maintain hunting and fishing rights in the West, but that's not their only agenda. A video distributed free at a Boise outdoor show in February 2004, shows scores of hunters posing with trophy big game animals, then takes on an angry tone when predators are shown.

    One scene graphically shows a woman shooting a beautiful gray wolf, then walking up and jabbing it with her rifle.

    SFW doesn't like Idaho's wildlife license plates either. The SFW web site has a tirade urging people to not buy these plates because, among other reasons, SFW claims the "elk wildlife plate supports predators that are preying on elk."

    SFW has been present in Utah for several years and is now organizing in Idaho. The new Idaho E.D. is former Senator Larry Craig's staffer Nate Helm.

  • United Sportsmen Alliance of Idaho (U.S.A. of ID)
    Web Site:
    1505 W. Pintail Dr.
    Meridian, ID 83642

    Anti-wolf, anti-predator group.

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