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Current News & Issues: Trails & Recreation


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Spring 2003, Update 2005, Update 2007
Sawtooth National Recreation Area,
Sawtooth National Forest
Source: Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) - “January-February-March 2003 Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions for the Sawtooth National Forest”.
SNRA Address: HC 64
Box 8291, Ketchum, ID  83340   Phone 208-727-5000   
Web Site:


Alpine Creek Ford Restoration

Alpine Creek flows out of North and South Alpine Lake drainages in the Sawtooth Wilderness near Alturas Lake. The SNRA proposes to close and rehabilitate the vehicle ford through Alpine Creek, reconstruct the trailhead, rehabilitate the road above the ford, and relocate the trail including a trail bridge. Scoping is complete. 2007 Update - the project is complete.

SNRA contact: Stacey Clark.

Comment: Alpine Creek drainage is a favorite Sawtooth Wilderness destination. Alpine Creek flows into Alturas Lake Creek near the Alpine Creek trailhead. Since the Sawtooth Forest’s attempt at developing a new Travel Plan in the late 1980’s, we have advocated closing the muddy ford across Alpine Creek to protect threatened fish species. Alturas Lake Creek above the ford is open to motorcycles and a new bridge and improved trail will likely increase the numbers. However, we support making Alturas Lake Creek a non-motorized area. Unfortunately, under current Forest Plan direction, this is not occur. A problem with allowing motorcycles to use Alturas Lake Creek is the on-going trespass into the Sawtooth Wilderness at Mattingly Divide. If the SNRA is going to improve the route, and make it easier for dirt bikes - then enforcement needs to be stepped up.


TAKE A LOOK at the complete letter and comments from BWCC to Sara E. Baldwin, Ranger, SNRA.


Update 2005: SNRA issues decision on Alpine Creek Ford Restoration project. The old road across Alpine Creek will be closed. A new bridge for use by hikers, mountain bikers, horsemen and trail bikes will be constructed. The primitive mining road to to Eureka Gulch will be closed to 4WD vehicles and ATV's, but remain open to trail bikes.


For a copy of the Alpine Creek Ford Restoration decision, contact the Sawtooth National Forest, SNRA Headquarters, 208-727-5000.

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