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“Save the SNRA – Don’t Chip it Away” – letter to the Wood River Journal by Marilyn Mueller, Sawtooth Valley, regarding their NIMBY editorial.

Wood River Journal
Hailey ID

Subject: Save the SNRA - don't chip it away!

Dear Editor:

Your editorial in last week's paper, approving the bad idea of giving
away prime wildlife habitat in the Sawtooth National Recreational Area
(SNRA) for real estate and commercial development, was way off the mark.

How is it possible to call this a NIMBY type situation when every tax
payer in the U.S. owns this 162 acres of wildlife habitat? Habitat which
may be "transferred" for trophy homes, condos, RV park and hot tubs?

If this backroom deal goes through, made by a handful of politicians
without public input, then where does it stop? The chipping away, little
by little, of our wildlife/wetlands/riparian and recreation habitats? If
the SNRA starts to be sold off, is Yellowstone Park next?

Americans have spent $58 million since 1972, trying to stop subdivisions
in the SNRA and protect wildlife. It's a ridiculous notion to sell
off Valley Creek so Stanley can start to look like Sun Valley.

Did you forget that the SNRA was set aside NOT to be portioned off,
little acreages at a time? THE SNRA WAS CREATED IN ORDER TO PRESERVE
qualities for Americans, paid for with our tax dollars.

Does this now make U.S. citizens, hunters/hikers/bird watchers/family
hikers, snowmobilers, et. al, NIMBYs?

Your own first paragraph mentions "common good" which is exactly what I thought of in 1972 when Congress created the Sawtooth "NATIONAL" Recreation Area. As a Sawtooth Valley resident,I have
followed all the rules and regulations on what I can & cannot do here in
the SNRA for 35 years. Now it is time for the government to follow their
rules as in Public Law 92-400.

The Valley Creek land giveaway will soon emerge onto a national stage for Congressional and national debate as part of Rep. Mike Simpson's CIEDRA (Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act) proposal. The SNRA lands on Valley Creek belong to ALL OF US, TO OUR CHILDREN AND TO FUTURE GENERATIONS.

I encourage readers to please contact Rep.Simpson and "NO" to Sawtooth "NATIONAL" Recreation Area land transfers as part of CIEDRA. Call Rep. Simpson at 202-225-5531; FAX 202-225-8216 and e-mail is

Marilyn Mueller
Sawtooth Valley
Stanley ID

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