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The following article appeared in the Challis Messenger, April 12, 2005.

Letter to Editor from David Kimpton, Stanley, re. CIEDRA

April 12, 2005

Subject: Clarification on Land Use
Dear Editor -

It was good to see your coverage in last week’s (April 8) Messenger on Rep.Simpson’s CIEDRA bill.

We would like to make a clarification to the story titled “Group opposes federal land transfers”. It states that we “.... want more wilderness designated and no motorized use allowed in the area” [the Boulder-White Cloud Mountains].

We generally do support wilderness, but it’s not true that we unilaterally want “no motorized use”. We recognize that there are some areas where motorized recreation does occur and is appropriate.

Our focus is on preserving Valley Creek and preventing the transfer of 162 acres of SNRA land for development. Most of those acres, as your story related, are on or near Valley Creek. This land contains crucial elk winter range; habitat for resident and migrating birds, as well as salmon and steelhead.

Development would also mar the majestic and much photographed view of Valley Creek and the Sawtooth Mountains as you drive up Highway 75 from Lower Stanley.

Please continue reporting on this important issue. By the way, I own and ride a snowmobile.


David Kimpton
Central Idahoans for Accountability in Government
Box 149
Stanley ID 83278

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