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Current News & Issues: Wilderness


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Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson and his staff have been in contact with many interest groups for the past several years, trying to develop a Boulder-White Cloud wilderness proposal.

This is an exciting opportunity, but given the poor conservation record of Idaho’s Congressional Delegation, achieving a Wilderness worthy of the magnificent Boulder-White Clouds will be challenging. 

We and other conservation and sportsmen's groups have long supported Wilderness for 500,000 acres in the Boulder-White Clouds, 182,000 acres in the Pioneers and 130,000 acres in the Smoky Mountains.

Opponents to Wilderness include Custer County leaders and ranchers, extractive industries (mining, timber, grazers), dirt bikers, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) users and snowmobilers.


JUNE 17, 2004
Rep. Mike Simpson released his Central Idaho Economic Development & Recreation Act (CIEDRA) Framework for public comment.


JULY 22, 2004
Rep. Simpson released changes to his initial Central Idaho proposal on July 22, 2004. CLICK HERE to read the press release.


JULY 23, 2004
Our view: SIMPSON RELEASES INITIAL CHANGES TO CENTRAL IDAHO PROPOSAL - Rep. Mike Simpson has made changes and additions to his Central Idaho Plan. He is proposing to add a "Hemmingway Wilderness" near Ketchum.

Bad news: he's dropped Fourth of July Lake out of Wilderness to please snowmobilers.

Good news: Rep. Simpson has listened to people and  withdrawn his terrible proposal to build a year around motorized trail through Phyllis Lake Basin.

OCTOBER 8, 2004
Final CIEDRA bill of 2004 is introduced in Congress.

MAY 19, 2005
Rep. Mike Simpson introduces a new version of CIEDRA in Congress.

JULY 28, 2005
Rep. Mike Simpson introduces a revised version of CIEDRA in Congress. The bill is H.R. 3603. This is the 5th version of CIEDRA since June 2004.

OCTOBER 27, 2005
H.R. 3603 has a House Resources subcommittee hearing in Congress.

For more information on Wilderness, click here.

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