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Current News & Issues: Wolf Restoration


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The following article appeared in the Idaho Mountain Express for July 2, 2004. View the original article online at


Simpson hears voices on wilderness

"Our stand is, we feel there is too much wilderness now. Weíve given in to wilderness all too often. This proposal would add nearly 10 percent more lands to the wilderness. We hope that you can see our needs."

Mark Alexander, Magic Valley Trail Machine Association

"I can tell you that if I was sitting down in a closet and writing the bill, this isnít what Iíd write. You might be surprised about some of the things I would put in there."

Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho

"We knew it would be a compromise all along. We understand the need to make Custer County a winner in this. We also understand itís important to accommodate the motorized use that exists. But the cumulative effect of all thatís proposed would substantially increase motorized use."

Linn Kincannon, Idaho Conservation League

"The boundaries of the wilderness, really, are unacceptable."

Jon Marvel, Western Watersheds Project

"Iím afraid the cost is too high. A true compromise would be to release the Wilderness Study Areas proportional to those that are designated. Iím afraid that the compensation of one or two new trails is not enough to offset the addition of 300,000 acres of wilderness."

Travis Gadsby, Magic Valley Trail Machine Association

"Wilderness is the breath and heartbeat of a planet trying to stay healthy. These places are not for us to trample with our machines."

Karen McCall, Ketchum

"I really do support your efforts, but I canít support this framework. The plan will attract far more motorized use than the area does today. These areas are roadless. Theyíre important for fish and wildlife. I donít want to see them developed with Idaho Parks and Recreation managing these lands."

Kaz Thea, Hailey

"Learning to ride a motorbike is the best thing Iíve done in my life. Hearing that youíre going to take some of the trails away from us, weíre discouraged."

Rebecca Wills, Twin Falls

"Motor vehicles currently enjoy access to the overwhelming majority of our federal lands. When land that once belonged to the public is lost, we all lose."

Scott Larson, Boise

"There are plenty of places where people can go in and have some sort of experience, and then people can get off their bikes and walk. Most everyone on a bike can get off and walk."

Sally Donnart

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