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Current News & Issues: Wolves

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Buffalo Ridge Wolf Pack Continued...

Wolves and miners
Buffalo Ridge's home range puts them next to the state's largest mine, the Thompson Creek Molybdenum Mine. The mine leases out its lands along Squaw Creek to a rancher who brings in cows and calves in April and May.

Cows and calves on private land in Squaw Creek. Lynne Stone photo.
Cows and calves on private land in Squaw Creek.

Pro-active efforts to keep wolves and calves apart
The wolves have coexisted with cattle in Squaw Creek There's been only one confirmed wolf depredation on a calf here in six years because of strong cooperative efforts among the rancher, federal wolf managers, Defenders of Wildlife and Wolf Recovery Foundation. Pro-active measures have included installing fladry (strips of nylon attached to nylon rope that is erected around pastures) and RAG (radio active guard) boxes that emit loud sounds and set off a strobe light when collared wolves come near. Also, delaying onset of grazing when the wolves are denned nearby or using pastures farthest away from the den. Delaying cattle presence allows time for the wolves to move their pups to a rendezvous site deeper into the mountains.

Fladry deters wolves from crossing into cattle pastures. Lynne Stone photo.
Fladry deters wolves from crossing into cattle pastures.

May 17, 2005 Update on Buffalo Ridge Pack and nearby central Idaho wolves
By Ken Cole Copyright 2005


Introduction by Ralph Maughan: "There are so many Idaho wolf packs now, it is hard to keep up on the news, but thanks to Ken Cole, who lives in the Clayton, Idaho area, here is an update on the packs in the Salmon River Canyon area between Stanley and Challis. In years past the Buffalo Ridge Pack has been Idaho's most easily visible pack."

"Turbo-fladry" at the steelhead pond. Ralph Maughan photo.
"Turbo-fladry" at the steelhead pond

The Buffalo Ridge Pack near Clayton, Idaho appears to have denned, making this the fourth consecutive year of denning for this pack. When alpha female B95F was seen last week she was lactating.

There is a new black wolf with this pack, B196M from the Morgan Creek Pack. He joined the pack in February. This is confusing to many because it puts in doubt the status of B93M, the alpha male, who was seen last spring with a severe limp of the left front leg and being dominated by another wolf of unknown origin. B93M seemed to spend a lot of time away from the rest of the pack last spring but recent reports have indicated that he has lost his limp and joining the rest of the pack in hunting forays.

These wolves have been much less visible than last year when they frequented the meadows along Squaw Creek, which are owned by Thompson Creek Mine. Another reason that the wolves were so visible last year was due to the steelhead pond operated by the IDFG at which they would catch steelhead smolts when the water was low. This year however an experiment with "turbo-fladry" around the pond was being conducted. It seems to have kept the wolves less interested in sushi. Turbo-fladry is a short, electrified fence with red flagging that waves in the breeze.

Read the rest of the story at:

Thanks to Ken and Ralph for this story and photo.

Buffalo Ridge Story & Photos Continue...
Buffalo Ridge Wolf Pack Under Siege
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UPDATES: Feb 26 & 28, 2008. Five Wolves "Lethally Controlled"

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