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Here are links to stories and photos about the Galena Pack previously posted on this website.

> May 16, 2003
Wolves of the Sawtooth Valley
May 9, 2006
Wolf dines near Stanley 
May 14, 2006
Mother's Day wolf story from Stanley
> Dec. 22, 2006

Photos of Galena Pack near Stanley
> May 30, 2007

Shot fired in Memorial Day incident near Stanley

The Galena Pack
By Lynne K. Stone, BWCC Director
All photos are by Lynne K. Stone, Boulder-White Clouds Council, unless otherwise noted. No photos may be used without written permission.

When the Galena Pack formed in 2003, it was the
second time that a Moyer Basin Pack wolf would
become the alpha of a Sawtooth Valley pack.

Galena's tawny-colored alpha female, B107,
dispersed from Moyer Basin in her second year.
She left the Salmon River Mountains north of
Challis, crossed the Salmon River and found a
mate in the White Clouds.

Previously, one of her relatives, a Moyer Basin
male wolf known as B47, had dispersed, wandered
all the way to Bear Valley to join the Whitehawk Pack,
which eventually ended up in the Sawtooth Valley in 2001.

Sawtooth Valley - Home of the Galena Pack. Alturas Lake is seen in the distance.

PHOTO: Sawtooth Valley - Home of the Galena Pack. Alturas Lake is seen in the distance.


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The Galena Pack
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