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Current News & Issues: Wolves

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Galena Pack Story Continued...

In the fall, wolf biologists trapped three of the Galena pups and fitted them with radio collars. One female pup would become B171. Now, B171 has her own pack, as she is the alpha female of the Basin Butte Pack near Stanley.

Pettit Lake area is part of the Galena Pack's home range.

PHOTO: Pettit Lake area is part of the Galena Pack's home range.

The Galena Pack's home range is excellent country for wolves. When wolves were reintroduced to central Idaho in 1995 and 1996, it was expected that some would live in historic wolf habitat in the White Clouds, Sawtooth Range and Sawtooth Valley. From 1999 to 2002, three wolf packs: White Cloud, Stanley and Whitehawk Packs tried to live and raise their pups here. But the lives of all three wolf packs were cut short, because there are cows and calves, and ewes and lambs spread across the landscape.


Galena Story & Photos Continue...
The Galena Pack
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