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Current News & Issues: Wolves

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Pass Creek Story Continued...

Sheep Mountain and Pine Creek in February 2008.

PHOTO: Sheep Mountain and Pine Creek in February 2008. Ranchers that graze here on public (federal) lands are charged $1.35 per month for one cow and her calf, or less than it costs to feed a parakeet for a month.

In February, the Pass Creek wolves were in the East Fork, but had not depredated on any cattle. Then, IDFG reported that B317's radio collar was on mortality mode. When IDFG investigated, they found that her collar had been chewed off by her pack. Soon after, she and another wolf were darted from a helicopter and fitted with radio collars. (The helicopter was in the area because it was lethally controlling the nearby Buffalo Ridge wolves.)

Wolf managers tried using RAG boxes to scare the wolves away from the East Fork ranches, where cows and calves were strung over miles and miles of private land. When a collared wolf approaches the RAG box, it sets off an alarm with loud sounds and strobe lights.

Spring was a long time coming and snow lingered late in the high country. In mid-April, B317 made a fatal decision, when she denned above an East Fork ranch. With young pups, the wolves stayed near the East Fork canyon, while hundreds of cattle were being turned out onto the BLM East Fork and Pine Creek allotments.





Pass Creek Story & Photos Continue...
Pass Creek Pack 2005 - 2008
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