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Current News & Issues: Wolves

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Phantom Hill Story Continued...

As the summer sheep grazing season loomed on the Sawtooth National Forest, things looked bleak for the Phantoms. The Wildlife Service’s 2007 report had stated that the pack had gotten special treatment and should have been “controlled” after being accused of killing 17 ewes and lambs on the Baker Creek Sheep Allotment in the Smoky Mountains. Wildlife Services (formerly Animal Damage Control), indicated that the Phantoms would die if they killed sheep in summer 2008. The report failed to mention that the sheep could have been better protected by guard dogs and herders.

An August day begins in the Baker Creek drainage.

PHOTO: An August day begins in the Baker Creek drainage. Protecting sheep from predators is much more difficult in wooded terrain. Guard dogs and herders must be close to the sheep at all times.

READ “Death sentence for Phantom Hill wolves?”
by Jason Kauffman, Idaho Mountain Express, Feb. 22, 2008

Phantom Hill Story & Photos Continue...
Shadowy Phantoms survive sheep invasion
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