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125 lakes, named
and unnamed, are
scattered throughout
the Boulder-White
Cloud Mountains




A Detailed Map of
White Cloud Peaks
and High Lakes

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The Place - White Cloud Peaks and High Lakes


Place Map     PLACE 1: White Cloud Peaks & High Lakes     PLACE 2: Boulder Mountains
PLACE 3: Salmon River Breaks     PLACE 4: East Fork Salmon River
PLACE 5: Herd Creek Highlands - Jerry Peak     PLACE 6: Corral-Horse Basin  

HA White Cloud Sunday Morningere are 20 miles of lofty summits including the alabaster peaks for which the range is named. Many day hikes are in Fourth of July Creek drainage, reached by a bumpy washboard road. Washington Basin accessed via Pole Creek road, is a car (high clearance needed!) camping favorite, with day hikes to Champion Lakes, Chamberlain Basin or Washington Peak.

Classic backpacking trips are treks in Big Boulder Lakes, Boulder Chain Lakes, Chamberlain Basin/Castle Peak and Fourth of July-Born Lakes. Intrepid adventures can find isolation by scrambling over and down ridges to Four Lakes Basin, Quiet and Noisy Lakes or Tin Cup Basin. Warm Springs canyon stretches 20 miles from Born Lakes to the Salmon River, offering a rare, roadless sanctuary for gray wolves, vast elk herds and humans.

Visit this Place:
Main trailheads are located off Highway 75 in the Sawtooth Valley. The East Fork Salmon River road 120 provides access to popular departure points in Big Boulder and Little Boulder.

Maps: Sawtooth National Forest, Sawtooth National
Recreation Area and USGS maps for the area.

White Cloud Peaks & High Lakes
Linked destinations are featured further on separate pages and/or in Outings Archives.
More featured hikes are coming soon!

Access: Fourth of July Creek Road

Access: Valley Road

Access: Pole Creek Road

  • Historic Pole Creek Guard Station
  • Twin Creeks-South Fork Champion Creek
  • Grand Prize Gulch-West Fork of the East Fork
  • Champion Lakes
  • Galena Gulch
  • Washington Basin/Washington Peak (Also, 1998 Outings Archive)
  • Chamberlain Basin & Lakes, Castle Divide
  • Germania Creek Waterfall

Access: Fisher Creek Road

  • Pass Creek-Fourth of July Creek
  • Fisher-Williams Creek Trail
  • The Meadows & Warm Springs Canyon

Access: East Fork Salmon River - Big Boulder Trailhead

  • Walker Lake, Big Boulder Lakes
  • Island Lake
  • Tin Cup Lake Basin
  • Crater Lake (Also, 1999 Outings Archives)
  • Little Redfish Lake, Frog Lakes Basin

Access: East Fork Salmon River - Little Boulder Trailhead

  • Boulder Chain Lakes
  • Baker Lake & Slickenslide Creek
  • Quiet & Noisy Lakes, Shallow & Scree Lakes
  • Castle Divide & Castle Peak
  • Wickiup Ridge
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