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The wild things of this earth are not ours to do with as we please. They have been given to us in trust, and we must account for them to the generations which will come after us and audit our accounts.
--William T. Hornaday


The Place - Herd Creek Highlands - Jerry Peak


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PLACE 3: Salmon River Breaks     PLACE 4: East Fork Salmon River
PLACE 5: Herd Creek Highlands - Jerry Peak     PLACE 6: Corral-Horse Basin  

Toolbox Trail to Herd Peak

A two-mile high tundra sweeps for 10 miles from Herd Peak, 9,800, and eastward to Jerry Peak, 10,010. Unusual and incredible, this sagebrush steppe offers solitude and 360 degree panoramic vistas. Here one is surrounded by wildness.

Westward are the White Cloud Peaks, and Sheep Mountain and Bowery Peak rising above East Pass canyon. The Pioneer Mountains are south, and the Lost River Range to the east. Early summer wildflowers brighten the windswept, barren ridges.

Deep drainages of East Pass, Meridian Creek, Middle Canyon, Herd Lake and Twin Bridges provide world class elk habitat. The vast sage landscape hosts antelope and sage grouse. Willowed-canyon bottoms have moose and beaver. Hidden Lake Basin provides water for ducks and geese in a sagebrush sea.

Visit this Place:
Trailheads are located off North Fork Big Lost River canyon road 128 (accessed via Trail Creek road from Sun Valley) and the remote back roads of Sage Creek and Walker Way. Also, from East Fork Salmon River road 120 via Herd Creek.

Maps: Salmon-Challis National Forest, BLM and USGS maps for the area.

Herd Creek Highlands - Jerry Peak
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Access: North Fork Big Lost River Canyon

  • Toolbox Trail-Herd Peak (Also, 1998 Outings Archives)
  • Horse Creek-Herd Peak
  • Grasshopper Creek-Herd Peak
  • Chicken Creek-Herd Peak

Access: Trail Creek road -Walker Way-Sage Creek
  • Jerry Peak (Also, 1999 Outings Archives)
  • North Fork Sage Creek
  • Pecks Canyon

Access: Herd Creek from East Fork Salmon River Road

  • Herd Lake to Jerry Peak uplands
  • Herd Creek to Lake Basin-Herd Peak
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