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A thing is right only when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the community; and the community includes the soil, water, fauna and flora, as well as the people.
--Aldo Leopold


The Place - Herd Creek Highlands - Corral-Horse Basin


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PLACE 3: Salmon River Breaks     PLACE 4: East Fork Salmon River
PLACE 5: Herd Creek Highlands - Jerry Peak     PLACE 6: Corral-Horse Basin  

Searching for Wild Horses Atop Anderson Peak

Big sky country, unheralded and largely undiscovered. Its sagebrush steppe offers early season exploring, wild horse viewing, and crucial winter range for deer, elk and antelope. Complex geology invites wanders through The Paint Pot in Road Creek and limestone bluffs in Pecks Canyon.

There’s opportunity to happen across petrified wood, archeological sites, colorful cactus blooms and rattlesnakes. Easy scrambles to Anderson Peak, 9,339’, or Spar Mountain, 8,605’ bring views of six mountain ranges. Also a chance for Kodak sunsets and sunrises, and in summer --dark, cacophonic thunderstorms.

Visit this Place:
Destinations are reached via washboard Trail Creek road from Sun Valley/Ketchum, and from Highway 93 between Mackay and Challis. Also, from the East Fork Salmon River (Spar Canyon and Road Creek). At this time there are no “official” trails or trailheads.

Maps: Salmon-Challis National Forest, BLM plus USGS maps for the region.

Corral-Horse Basin
Linked destinations are featured further on separate pages and/or in Outings Archives.
More featured hikes are coming soon!

Access: Walker Way/Road Creek-Dry Canyon Road

  • Anderson Peak
  • Horse Basin

Access: Road Creek

  • The Paint Pot
  • Lower Corral Basin


Access: Broken Wagon Road

  • Corral Basin and Spar Mountain
  • Broken Wagon-Horse Basin Ridge

Access: Spar Canyon

  • Bear Wallow
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