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Elk Meadow Fence Round Up

(Sawtooth Mountains) August 2, 1997
Elk Meadow
20 people showed up to help remove electric fence and posts along Elk Creek in Elk Meadow.

Since 1993, the meadow is no longer grazed by Stanley Basin Allotment cattle -- but only after a long, contentious political and social battle.

On this August day, we waded through thigh-deep muck to yank on the buried strands of wire, and then try and roll it into coils, swamp grass hanging on clumps. We dubbed ourselves the "Elk Meadow Muckers". Gloves, faces, clothing -- were covered with muck, rust, and green stains.

Boise Eagle Scouts were part of the work force.

As the piles of rolled wire grew, it was with great satisfaction that we left the now fenceless meadow and headed to Redfish Lake Lodge for dinner. We saw a black wolf on the way.

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