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As a non-profit organization, the Boulder-White Clouds Council depends upon your contributions large and small to keep working to help protect this vast 500,000-acre area. Please print out the donor card below and mail it to: BWCC, P.O. Box 6313, Ketchum, ID 83340. Thank you for your support!

         Keep the Heart of Idaho Wild

We're working for central Idaho's wild country, wildlife and clean water. We're dedicated to protecting the 500,000-acre Boulder-White Clouds Mountains as Wilderness. We also work to ensure mining does not pollute the Salmon River or its tributaries. Boulder-White Clouds Council's funding relies mostly on individuals and families, along with foundation grants.

Please consider making a donation to Boulder-White Clouds Council.

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If you wish to inquire about donations via email click here.

Thank you, again! The Boulder-White Clouds Council is a non-profit conservation organization, which is tax exempt under Section 501(c)3. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Our Tax Exempt # is 82-0433602.

NOTE: Boulder-White Clouds Council, Inc. is not connected or affiliated with "White Cloud Council" and singer Carole King in any way.

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Keep the Heart of Idaho Wild