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Current News & Issues: Forests & Fires


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Spring 2003
Sawtooth National Recreation Area,
Sawtooth National Forest
Source: Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) - “January-February-March 2003 Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions for the Sawtooth National Forest”.
SNRA Address: HC 64
Box 8291, Ketchum, ID  83340   Phone 208-727-5000   
Web Site:


Red Tree Fuels Reduction Project

A Mountain pine beetle infestation has killed many lodgepole pines on the SNRA, giving a “red tree” appearance to the Sawtooth Valley, Stanley Basin and Salmon River canyon below Stanley.

The SNRA states the project will reduce the risk of large fires where public and private lands interface by removing the dead trees using methods such as commercial/pre-commercial thinning and prescribed fire.

Areas include Redfish Lake, Pettit Lake, Boundary Creek, Crooked Creek, Iron Creek and Valley View. Scoping is complete and analysis underway.

SNRA Contact: Jim Rineholt.

Comment: We support this effort.

Update March 2003: The SNRA released an Environmental Assessment (EA) in late March 2003 detailing its plan to remove dead trees, killed by the mountain pine beetle. Cutting will focus on areas of homes and recreation development. The EA is available on-line at the Sawtooth Forest web site:

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