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The Place - East Fork Salmon River


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PLACE 3: Salmon River Breaks     PLACE 4: East Fork Salmon River
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Upper East Fork Salmon River

Stitching the diverse lands of the Boulder-White Clouds together is the immense East Fork watershed. Here are bighorn sheep, elk, antelope and mule deer migration routes, and critical wildlife winter range.

From the Salmon River 25 miles upstream to Bowery Guard Station, the East Fork and its tributaries provide rearing and spawning habitat for Chinook salmon, steelhead, bull trout and west slope cutthroat.

Trails depart to wild places in all directions like Big and Little Boulder Creeks to Castle Peak and scores of high lakes. Or, to Railroad Ridge, a 10,000-foot high ancient moraine with rare alpine plants and bighorns. Eastward routes go from Bowery Creek to Bowery Peak, 10,861; Long Tom Creek to Pass Peak, 10,765; Sheep Creek to Sheep Mountain, 10,910 and West Pass Creek to Cougar Canyon and beyond. Wild country, indeed!

Visit this Place:
Many trails depart from the East Fork Salmon River road but only a few have official trailheads. In this remote area, main side roads off the East Fork canyon are Spar Canyon, Road Creek, Herd Creek, Big and Little Boulder Creeks, Big Lake Creek and West Pass.

Maps: Sawtooth National Forest, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Salmon-Challis National Forest plus USGS maps for the area.

East Fork Salmon River
Linked destinations are featured further on separate pages and/or in Outings Archives.
More featured hikes are coming soon!

Access: East Fork Salmon River Road-West Side

  • Spud Creek
  • Jimmy Smith Lake-Corral Creek
  • Potaman Peak
  • Big Boulder Creek-Big Boulder Lakes, Frog Lake
  • Railroad Ridge (Also, 1999 Outings Archives)
  • Little Boulder Creek-Boulder Chain Lakes, Baker Lake
  • Germania Creek-Germania Creek Falls
  • Mountain Meadow Creek
  • Bowery Guard Station & Bowery Cut-Off Trail
  • The Forks (West Fork & South Fork Junction)

Access: East Fork Salmon River Road - East Side

Spar Canyon:
  • Bear Wallow
  • Spar Canyon Drive

Road Creek:

  • The Paint Pot
  • Mosquito Creek
  • Bear Creek

Herd Creek Road:

  • McDonald Creek Ridge-Sheep Mountain View
  • Herd Lake
  • Herd Lake-Lake Creek Headwaters
  • Lake Basin (Also, 2001 Outing Archives)
  • East Pass

Upper East Fork Salmon River Road:

  • Sheep Creek & Sheep Mountain
  • Bowery Creek-East Pass Divide & Bowery Peak
  • West Pass Creek
  • Ibex Creek, Ibex Pass
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